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PROGRAMMERS could write their major skill sets as – VB, ASP, SQL – Advanced level, JAVA – Intermediate level,
SALES PERSON could write – Recent 7 yrs in Corporate Sales, earlier 5 yrs in Channel sales, etc
MARKETING – 9 yrs in FMCG Brand Management 2 year with Consumer Durables, 11 year in Copy-writing for Advertising Agency, etc.
CUSTOMER CARE – 4 years Inbound voice based and 2 year outbound collection process, etc.
ACCOUNTS – 12 yrs in Internal Audit, 2 yrs in US GAAP, etc.
FINANCE – MIS & Financial Analysis, Last 3 yrs in Business Planning, Project Finance, etc.
EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES – Shorthand 80, Typing 45, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, English Communication – 80%

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